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Secure SQL Auditor is State of the art software for risk assessment and management, it conducts security audit
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11 July 2015

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This is a tool that is capable of conducting database server security audit.

Secure SQL Auditor (SQA) is a SQL security software that conducts database server security auditing. Vulnerability assessment tools for SQL database server are also included. Scanning of multiple database servers is possible with this network based SQL security assessment tool. Assessing the vulnerabilities and threats in a SQL database server is a large task. By doing that assessment automatically, this audit tool could be a great help to the IT department personnel. The process becomes quite quick too. The administrators then will be able to close the threats related problems that can cause huge losses for an organization. The program is able to prescribe solutions to the vulnerabilities discovered. The utility looks into several critical issues like access rights, application integrity, weak passwords, misconfigurations, denial of service, system integrity, buffer overflow, audit policies, authentication controls, database roles, extended stored procedures, etc. The tool includes some 40 embedded database security tools, network security tools and computer security tools.

The reporting is quite flexible and it prepares comparative and easily understandable reports. Solutions are suggested for identified vulnerabilities. The interface should be easy enough for use by the IT administrator types. This tool is not for the newbies. MS SQL Server by itself is a sophisticated tool and experienced DBAs should be able to use this tool very effectively. This is a very good product. If you are looking for a similar solution, this is a good candidate for a trial in your exact set up.

Publisher's description

Secure SQL Auditor (SQA) is a SQL security software that conducts database server security auditing & includes vulnerability assessment tools for SQL database server. It is a network based SQL security assessment tool capable of scanning multiple database servers. Secure SQL Auditor performs the massive task of identifying vulnerabilities and threats present in MS SQL database server. It helps administrators in closing loopholes which provide direct access to SQL database servers and lead to monetary, reputational and informational losses.
Unlike traditional auditing practices, Secure SQL Auditor automates the process of vulnerability assessment on SQL Servers security and provides fast and accurate results within minutes.
After vulnerabilities are discovered, it provides step by step solutions to mitigate them; thus simplifying the task of security. Its checks the critical issues like Access Rights, Application Integrity, Audit Policies, Authentication Controls, Buffer Overflow, Database Roles, Extended Stored Procedures, Password Policies, Weak Passwords, Mis-configurations, Denial of Service and System Integrity and prepares comparative, comprehensive and easily understandable reports along with solutions of the identified vulnerabilities. Fixing these vulnerabilities will secure MSSQL database servers from malicious attacks.
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Secure SQL Auditor
Version 3.0.19
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